JCI Zone 17

  • 1. Change the current login process. Only users whose mobile number is available in the DB should be allowed to access the application. OTP verification is also needed

  • 2. Edit Profile – This screen is not working properly. App crash issues have been reported by client while updating Image or other data. Complete functionality of this page needs to be verified

  • 3. NGB – Update the same data from JCI India App

  • 4. ZGB –a. Should have Current ZGB and Past ZGB like in JCI India App

  • b. Update new data provided by client

  • 5. LOMS – Update new data provided by client

  • 6. Zone Trainers - Update new data provided by client

  • 7. Events – Update from Presidential Tool Kit App

  • 8. NHQ

  • a. Update as in JCI India

  • b. Email id – On click should work like the other screens

  • 9. Past ZGB/NGB – These members contact numbers should also be validated for App login

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