Core Meeting; Mini-plansem

  • Sec Gen: Goals Form

  • SoL Prod Meeting

  • SoL: Talk to Jill RE: alumni SoL

  • Pick up PPF from ma’am joy for SOL

  • SoLxDaP: Release of SoL teaser (Aug 13)

  • SoLxDaP Meeting

  • SoLxDaP: Release of SoL Poster (Aug 20)

  • AD: Reveal of Newbie (Wednesday dapat)

  • SOLxDaP: Submit pubmat for gig blasting

  • Schedule a meeting with Hendri Go

  • (All) Meeting with Missy

  • Docu: DP photos

  • Docu: Orem gig on youtube and pics of gig on FB

  • HR: Ask Tomik for Excel Files

  • HRxAD: Get AD list of requirements for screening

  • CorRel: Finalisation of PrivCards to be done (before recweek)

  • DaP: Promo-mats for newbie apps

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