Laila exercises - 09/08/17

  • Squat (wide, for hamstrings)

  • Bench

  • Deadlift (sumo, same thing. use a heavy dumbbell goblet-style instead of a barbell.)

  • A side-glute exercise, like lying side plank / lying leg raise

  • An inner-glute exercise, like reverse lunges

  • A soleus exercise, like squatted down calf raises while holding on to something

  • A tibialis exercise, like the tibialis flex with a kettlebell on your foot

  • Inner thigh exercises like the good girl / bad girl machines

  • A bicep exercise like the sitting down isolation curl (arnold curl)

  • Forearm exercises (I taught you these, use a single dumbbell and twist it around)

  • Side-deltoid raises

  • Deltoid raises

  • An inner back exercise, like rows

  • A lats exercise, like lat pulldowns or pullups

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