Christmas Photos to Take

christmas pictures christmas pictures
  • Holiday lights turned on

  • Enjoying egg nog

  • Writing Holiday cards

  • Writing a letter to Santa

  • Wrapping/unwrapping presents

  • Setting up the tree

  • Advent calendar

  • The family clad in winter gear - hats & scarves

  • Christmas shopping

  • Preparing home decorations

  • Games in the snow

  • Going to see Santa and his helpers

  • Presents under the Christmas tree

  • Mistletoe with a kiss

  • The family clad in the finest holiday attire & ready for a party

  • Crafting home-made decor

  • Carol singing or concet

  • Offering holiday goodies to neighbors/friends

  • Crafting gifts for teachers

  • Cozy in front of a fire

  • Telling Christmas stories

  • Warm holiday drinks while watching a movie

  • Christmas stockings hanging in line

  • Santa & Reindeer goodies sitting out for their arrival

  • Nativity scene

  • Christmas dinner/meal prep

  • Children sleeping on Christmas Eve

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