Downing Street Cleaning List

  • Dusting Of Every Wall In Every Room

  • Dust Door Frames, Tops Of Doors, Door Ledges

  • Polish Door Knobs

  • Polish Door Hinges

  • Remove Plastics From Toilets

  • Remove All Dust from Porcelain (Toilets/Tubs)

  • Clean Insides of All Cabinets & Shelving 

  • Clean Cabinet Hinges

  • Clean Outside of All Cabinets & Shelving

  • Polish Cabinet Knobs & Handels

  • Remove All Dust & Debris From inside Drawers

  • Vacuum Out Window & Door Tracks

  • Clean Window Glass

  • Wipe Down All Stone Counter Tops

  • Polish All Sink Chrome

  • Clean Out All Sinks

  • Wipe Down All Appliances

  • Dust Light Fixtures, Switches,  & Outlets

  • Wash And Rinse Shower Tile

  • Clean Shower Glass

  • Dust All Baseboards

  • Dust Stair Rails

  • Clean Wood Floor Vents

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