Ways to make a significant other feel loved

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  • Say how you feel more often

  • Leave a personal note

  • Hold hands

  • Cook a favorite meal!

  • Plan a getaway

  • Prepare breakfast in bed

  • Offer compliments

  • Call and leave a sentimental voicemail

  • Plan a picnick

  • Rub their shoulders

  • Snuggle

  • Always offer your full attention when possible

  • Write a song or poem for them

  • Run an errand for them

  • Complete a house chore for them

  • Fill the house with his/her favorite flower

  • Create a romantic playlist for them

  • Plant a spontaneous 10 second kiss on them

  • Take him/her horseback riding

  • Offer to do something nice for their family

  • Take him/her on a walk in the neighborhood or someplace special

  • Relax in a bubble bath together

  • Randomly their hand and dance to a special song 

  • Recreate your first romantic date/outing together

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