Funko Convention Week Checklist

  • Barnes and Noble crashes

  • Weird color variant of a pop that everyone magically wants

  • A pop isn’t released on the day on the con

  • A petition is made to stop target from getting pops

  • “I hate the pop community”

  • Limited piece to a highly collected line

  • “Funko only cares about money”

  • Pop is put on shelves days before the con

  • Glow in the dark

  • Flocked variant of a common pop

  • *New pop announcement* “These are way better then the con pops we got”

  • Someone bots the FunkoShop

  • People don’t get the pops they want because of said bots, causes outrage, “Funko only cares about money”

  • “I’m part of the sneaker community”

  • Limited piece pop to a new line that will be made common in a few months

  • “This is why I hate collecting”

This checklist was created by paul.p322

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