26 Dazzling Deep Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

  • Clean your blinds with a sock

  • Wash your bedding and mattress

  • Use a lint roller to get the dust off l

  • Scrub the front of your kitchen cabinets

  • Clean your sink drain with baking soda

  • Clean the inside and outside of your fridge. 

  • Clean out your oven with baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid

  • Use a coffee filter to clean your computer screen

  • Wipe down your bookshelves with a magnetic cloth

  • Clean your desk with the appropriate cleaning products

  • Use Dawn dish soap to get rid of stains 

  • Iron out your carpet stains

  • Wash your shower curtain and liner

  • Wipe down your shower walls with vinegar and dish soap

  • Brush your faucet with a toothbrush

  • *Thoroughly* vacuum the floor

  • Clean your shelves with all-purpose Clean your washing machine

  • Clean your washing machine

  • Vacuum your lint dryer

  • Wipe down your baseboards

  • Dust and wash everything

  • Clean your light bulbs

  • Wash your window tracks

  • Suck up cobwebs with a vacuum hose

  • Donate anything you don’t need

  • Let MakeSpace store your stuff

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