Free Printable Home Selling Checklist

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  • Declutter Your Home

  • All your counter tops and table tops should be cleared of unnecessary decorative items. If you have extra pieces of furniture or out of season decorations make sure they are all in storage. Be sure to clean and organize the garage too! 

  • Window Cleaning

  • A nice deep clean for your windows will make a whole lot of difference in the look and feel of the home. Take out your window screens and brush them clean. Also, make sure to clean the windows with newspaper to avoid streaking. Vacuum and dust around window sills and wash curtains.

  • Let The Light Shine In

  • Remove heavy curtains that block sunlight and replace with sheer, new curtains on windows and large glass doors. Replace any burnt light bulbs with new ones and consider high-wattage bulbs for lower light areas of the home.

  • Deep Cleaning Before Showing Starts

  • A deep clean is a great idea before you open your home to prospective buyers. Consider hiring a professional service or get started by following these steps.

  • Make Your Guests Comfortable

  • In the winter, be sure that the heat is on a comfortable temperature. It’s important in the summer as well to utilize the A/C and shut the vents on the first floor so more air will get upstairs. 

  • Eliminate Odors Throughout The Home

  • Professional carpet cleaning will help eliminate any odors in your main rooms as well as washing and drying drapes on all windows. Open all the windows to air out the house prior to showings. If lighting scented candles, make sure they smell clean rather than fruity or seasonal. Run lemon rinds through the garbage disposal for any odors by the sink and soak cotton balls in vanilla extract to remove fridge odors quickly.  

  • Fix Minor Repairs

  • Holes in your window screens, sticky doors and windows, dripping faucet or scratches on the floor boards can seem minor but will distract buyers from the great features of the home. Make sure you give buyers an impression that the home is well-maintained by fixing any small repairs prior to showing.

  • Make Buyers Feel at Home

  • Set the scene with a cozy afghan on the couch, decorative centerpieces with fresh flowers or fresh logs in the fire places. Help buyers picture themselves living in your home by giving a more personal, comfortable feeling. 

  • De-Personalize The Bathroom

  • Take away any of your personal toiletry items from all bathrooms and replace with fancy soaps and fresh towels. Remove toothbrushes and used towels. 

  • Lock Up Valuables

  • Keep your personal items safe while guests are in your home and be sure to lock up any valuables or medications.  

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