25 Expert Fitness Tips and Strategies Every Lifter Should Know

fitness tips fitness tips
  • Make sure you\'re eating healthy 

  • Prepare ahead

  • Eat more clean food

  • Control your portion sizes

  • Eat with purpose 

  • Understand the basics of building muscle 

  • Work your full range of motion

  • Don’t go too heavy 

  • Carefully consider cardio

  • Choose supplements intelligently

  • Prepare yourself for endurance training

  • Heart rate monitor 

  • Exhaust for endurance

  • Consider reducing rest time

  • Learn how to fight fatigue 

  • Understand strength-training basics

  • Find your motivation

  •  Carefully focus on form

  • Be mindful of the little things

  • Change helps

  • Understand the basics of fat loss 

  • Take photographic evidence

  • Understand how to use carbs

  • Attack your lower body to burn fat

  • Hydrate properly 

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