5 Tips for a Longer Plank

longer plank longer plank
  • Top 5 tips for holding a longer plank: 

  • Do a plank Every. Single. Day.

  • Turn the stopwatch over so you can’t see it. Don’t look at the timer until you physically are ready to drop. I know when I am ready to drop when my thighs start shaking. 

  • Find something to distract your brain. I sometimes browse Facebook on my Kindle Fire or read a magazine article during the first part of my plank. This really helps pass the first couple of minutes. By the end when it starts to get hard, I have to stop reading and focus because my whole body is shaking. 

  • Towards the end countdown backwards in your head, really slow. I start at 60 and count down slowly to one. This is another way to refocus your brain and it usually kills about two more minutes. 

  • Do it until it hurts, then push yourself to hold for at least 15-30 more seconds. Sometimes I drop in a pool of my own sweat. It is a beautiful thing. 

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