Want To Work Smarter, Not Harder? Follow These 14 Tips

work smarter work smarter
  • Delegate What You Shouldn\'t Do; Prioritize What You Must Do   

  • Tighten Up Meetings   

  • Hire People Smarter Than You   

  • Control Your Habits 

  • Do One Single Thing At A Time   

  • Slow Down   

  • Stay Focused And Tune Out The \'Shiny New Ideas\' Until You\'re Done   

  • Turn Off The Internet  

  • Follow Up On Tasks   

  • Use The Collective Power Of Your Team   

  • Understand The Value Of Your Time 

  • Use Technology To Streamline Or Automate Tedious Work   

  • Build Processes You And Your Team Can Follow   

  • Repurpose Content Assets 

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