10 Steps To Stop Panic In Its Tracks

  • Recognize that you are about to have a panic attack -- you don\'t want to avoid it.

  • Feel the panic wave hit you and talk to yourself through the minutes...what\'s exactly happening?

  • Your brain is in fight-or-flight mode, and you want to fight it. Take a seat and put your hand over your heart -- feel how fast your heart rate is. Though it\'s going fast, your body CAN handle it.

  • Why? Because panic is in our instincts. We were made to feel it in times of fear (going back to ancient times).

  • Coping with it -- you\'ve had it happen before, this time it\'s no different. Tell yourself multiple times that the wave will pass.

  • Lay down somewhere quiet and dark and put a cool washcloth on your forehead -- the sensation is calming.

  • Make yourself busy. This can be as simple of a task as making a cup of tea; something that will temporarily distract your brain.

  • Worry stones do help! Same goes for focusing on any type of texture. You can find stress balls almost everywhere!

  • Visit YouTube and watch vlogs of people who have the same condition. You are not alone. Watching other people deal with panic is very calming.

  • Take your medicine in your worst case scenario and schedule a visit with your doctor. Panic CAN be treated!

This checklist was created by natuhxney

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