Identifying Stressors Checklist

Identifying Stressors
  • Journaling how I feel and what is causing my stress helps me identify what my stressors are and how I react to them

  • Physical Symptoms:  Do I have headaches, upset stomach, grind my teeth, tense muscles?  Am I sleepy all the time or do I have trouble sleeping? I keep a journal of when these

  • Is my stress related to work or school?  Am I overworked. working long hours with little reward?  Do I have too much responsibility or am I afraid of losing my job?  Do I have so mu

  • Is my stresse coming from a dysfunctional relationship at home?  Am I dealing with teenagers or others who don\'t respect me?  Am I a caregiver for a special needs child or elderly parent?

  • Am I in a dysfunctional romantic relationship?  Do I let my partner treatment in ways that are disrespectful and not aligned with my priorities or values?

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