25 Ways To Reduce Stress

  • Share a meal with those you love

  • Take some deep breaths

  • Walk

  • Sing out loud

  • Lay down

  • have a good cry if you feel like you need to

  • Ask your kids about their day

  • Take a break from your challenges

  • Go out for an evening with your partner or friends

  • Get out into nature

  • Listen to music

  • Let it go

  • Go to the gym to workout

  • Give yourself a break. Remind yourself that nobody’s perfect

  • Talk to someone about your stress

  • Exercise with a DVD

  • Journal your feelings

  • Get lost in a good book

  • Watch your favorite comedy on tv or rent a funny movie

  • Call a relative

  • Call a counselor

  • Go to the movies with friends

  • Play with your kids

  • Cook something

  • Use visual imagery to watch your stress drain from your body or float up, up and away

This checklist was created by lneumen

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