Rugby Bag Must-Haves

rugbe bags rugby bags
  • Essentials

  • 1. A sports bag with a shoulder strap and separate compartments to ensure his dirty boots don’t make everything else soiled.

  • 2. A lock to use on a locker or bag.

  • 3.  Rugby ball – it goes without saying that every player needs one of these.

  • 4. Mouth Guard – keep his toothy white smile intact!

  • 5. Headgear – protect his head and prevent the dreaded cauliflower ear (for older players).

  • 6. Kit – the shirt, shorts and socks provided by the team or his own.

  • 7. Undershorts or tights – prevent uncomfortable chafing.

  • 8. A good quality water bottle – keep him hydrated!

  • 9. Spare clothes for after the match.

  • 10. Kicking tee to ensure he always uses the tee that is best for his performance

  • 11. Two fresh towels – one for after the game and one for a shower.

  • 12. Deodorant

  • 13. Sun protection to keep his skin healthy.

  • Useful Extras

  • Extra studs (for those who use screw-studs) in case he loses a few.

  • Protection vests – absorbs some of the impact and prevents abrasions (optional). 

  • Shin pads – to ensure those accidental kicks don’t set him back (optional). 

  • A hoodie will ensure that he doesn’t feel the cold in winter or the rain, and will keep his muscles warm for the game. 

  •  A first aid kit including disinfectant, cotton wool and plenty of plasters. 

  • A ball pump to ensure he can always practice with his team and on his own. 

  • Pack some shower shoes, particularly if he is travelling, to ensure he doesn’t catch unwanted germs.

  • Bag and deodorisers can help keep the smell contained without making the whole change room dizzy when opening up his bag. 

  • Laundry bags are great for keeping dirty clothes separate from his clean change of clothes for after the match. 

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