The Delegation Checklist

delegation checklist delegation checklist
  • Is the risk factor of delegating this work adequately addressed?

  • Have you considered and selected the right level of authority?

  • Have you considered the question of delegating to individuals or to teams?

  • Have you considered the best order of delegating this work versus other work?

  • Is what you are delegating a discrete chunk of work?

  • Do the people have the skills to do this particular kind of work?

  • Do the people have the right format for the work products to use?

  • Do the people have the tools necessary to be successful?

  • Do the people know what the results should look like?

  • Have you set the boundary conditions for the work (e.g. budget, time, resources, quality)?

  • Do the people know when the work is due?

  • Do the people know what progress looks like? 

  • Do the people know how often to report to you on progress (adhering to interim milestones)?

  • Is someone available (you or another person) to coach or mentor the people in case they need help? 

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