Business Lease Checklist

Business lease Business lease
  • Is there sufficient electrical power?

  • Are there enough electrical outlets?

  • Are there enough parking spaces for customers and employees?

  • Is there sufficient lighting? Heating? Air conditioning?

  • Do you know how large a sign and what type you can erect?

  • Will your city"s building and zoning departments allow your business to operate in the facility?

  • Will the landlord allow the alterations that you deem necessary?

  • Must you pay for returning the building to its original condition when you move?

  • Is there any indication of roof leaks? (A heavy rain could damage goods.)

  • Is the cost of burglary insurance high in the area? (This varies tremedously.)

  • Can you secure the building at a low cost against the threat of burglary?

  • Will the health department approve your business at this location?

  • Will the fire department approve your business at this location?

  • Is your shipping area easily accessible to large trucks?

  • Have you included a written description of the property?

  • Have you attached drawings of the property to the lease document?

  • Do you have written guidelines for renewal terms?

  • Do you know when your lease payment begins?

  • Is your shipping area easily accessible to large trucks?

  • Have you bargained for one to three months free rent?

  • Do you know your date of possession?

  • Have you listed the owner"s responsibility for improvements?

  • Do you pay the taxes?

  • Do you pay the insurance?

  • Do you pay the maintenance fees?

  • Do you pay the utilities?

  • Do you pay the sewerage fees?

  • Have you asked your landlord for a cap of 5 percent on your rent increases?

  • Have you included penalty clauses in case the project is late and you are denied occupancy?

  • Have you retained the right to obtain your own bids for signage?

  • Can you leave if the center is never more than 70 percent leased?

  • Has a real estate attorney reviewed your contract?

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