12 Self Management Checklist

Self management Self management
  • 1. Specify a clear cut goal you want to accomplish.

  • 2. Specify when you’ll do it

  • 3. Record your hit rate.

  • 4. Make a public commitment.

  • 5. Add an explicit penalty for failure, if you need to.

  • 6. Think small.

  • 7. Specify the amount of product you’re going to produce.

  • 8. Get a timer that beeps every five minutes and chart whether you’re on task, if you find yourself drifting off too much.

  • 9. Arrange for regular contact with your monitor, daily or weekly as needed.

  • 10. Arrange for your friend to monitor your graphing as well as your goal attainment.

  • 11. Get rid of distractions.

  • 12. Recycle.

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