meeting meeting
  • Before the Meeting:

  • Make up a plan/agenda before the meeting

  • Make a copy of the agenda for everyone attending the meeting explaining the importance of what you are going to discuss

  • For better input, give out the agenda a week in advance and have participants look it over and come up with comments and questions

  • Send out a reminder the day before the meeting establishing a start and end time

  • Is it an inner-office meeting. or-do you need to plan for accommodations? - Travel expenses, Hotel Rooms, Site rental for meeting, Food and beverages, other__

  • During the Meeting

  • Make sure you start on time, don\'t wait for stragglers. It may help get everyone there on time if you start at an odd time like 9:05

  • Designate a person to record minutes and may be even someone to keep track of actual time to make sure you get through everything you set out to discuss at the meeting

  • Stick to the agenda. If a new subject does come up that you feel needs to be addressed, create another meeting at a later date

  • Have the time keeper tell you when it is nearing the end of the meeting. so you can wrap it up

  • Be sure to get any final thoughts out, and ask for concerns and make a skeleton plan on meeting discussion

  • Talk about a future meeting to deal with "extras" that came up during this meeting.

  • Adjourn the meeting

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