Pre-Meeting Checklist

Pre-meeting Pre-meeting
  • Is the meeting really needed?

  • What do you plan to accomplish at the meeting?

  • What needs to be on the agenda?

  • Establish priorities. The most important items should be covered first

  • Should the meeting be social, informal, or formal?

  • Who should attend the meeting?

  • Does any information needs to be circulated before the meeting?

  • The agenda should be written and distributed in advance to all attendees so they can come prepared.

  • When should the meeting take place?

  • Where should the meeting take place?

  • What equipment, for example, audiovisual equipment or blackboards, is needed at the meeting?

  • Do pens, pencils, or paper need to be provided?

  • What kind of room arrangement, such as a circular table or square table, would work best?

  • How will the events be recorded?

  • Are refreshments needed?

  • Do you need to hold pre-meeting briefings?

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