Before the First Day

  • How will you ARRANGE YOUR CLASSROOM (including your library & space for favorite books and/or book recommendations)?

  • How will your CLASSROOM SPACE be used effectively? (flexible seating, creative places for anchor charts, storing student work, binders, notebooks, books, small group station, etc)

  • What ANCHOR CHARTS will you have in your room? (Examples: Sentence stems, rules & expectations, clock, what to do when...Reading Strategies, Writing Support,) 

  • Where will you have the MATERIALS (supply set up, writing station(s), and/or activities for those that finish work early? 

  • What are your CLASSROOM PROCEDURES for students to: turn in work when finished, find & turn in makeup work, ask for help during class, sign up for tutoring, use the restroom, come in late/tardy, etc.

  • What are your specific READING POLICIES? (Are electronics acceptable, when is talking ok and at what volume, what if I can\'t find the book I was reading or don\'t know what to read next, etc.)  

  • What are your specific WRITING POLICIES? (What if a student thinks they\'re "finished" in the middle of writing, what to do during conferences, electronics, sharing work, etc)

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