• Apply toFixed(2) to all amounts. ( there are entries in transactions that show as XX.50000 for example )

  • In single order page in admin panel... Do the 3 colorful buttons actually work and set the state of the order? ( they don\'t. )

  • In admin withdrawal requests, Provide a page way to view already processed requests (history log), and another page for pending requests.

  • Never show a product with no attribute sets added.

  • [naming] reprint orders > change names to refund or something appropriate

  • [naming] Sellers get bills .... Customers get invoices

  • Address 14% VAT taxes across the whole project.

  • Selleradmin > Orders page > single order > Show a visual representation of what is required to be printed in the order.

  • selleradmin > Add account summary with detailed micro-transactions in the financial tab.

  • corporate accounts > We\'ll launch with it. monkaS

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