How to Deep Fry A Turkey

  • Grocery List

  • Turkey

  • Syringe for injecting turkeys

  • Seasoning and spices 

  • Turkey fryer/pot

  • Heat source  

  • Oil

  • Directions 

  • Buy a 10-12 pound turkey - anything bigger may not cook as well.

  • Thaw out your turkey (day before) 

  • Clean the turkey inside and out

  • Inject the bird with a special syringe of seasoning and spices 

  • Season the outside of the bird

  • Cover and place in the refridgerator

  • Uncover when ready to cook

  • Add half a pot of oil to pot

  • Heat to 300-350 degrees 

  • Place turkey in oil carefully and slowly (careful not to let spill over) 

  • Cook for 3 minutes per pound (i.e., 30 min for 10 pounds)

  • Remove turkey and place on plate with paper towels or draining bowl

  • Let cool for 5-10 minutes (or until ready)

  • Carve and serve

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