Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist

small business tax preparation checklist small business tax checklist
  • 1. Meet with your bookkeeper.

  • 2. Update your mileage log.

  • 3. Gather your bank statements.

  • 4. Capture all expenses you have paid for out of pocket.

  • 5. Make sure all personal expenses paid for from your business accounts are properly recorded.

  • 6. Gather any 1099s you have received, including 1099-Ks from credit card processors.

  • 7. Make sure you have issued 1099s as appropriate.

  • 8. Pull receipts for asset purchases.

  • 9. Ensure your loan balances match what is on your balance sheet.

  • 10. Make sure your meals expenses are properly categorized.

  • 11. Note any changes in ownership.

  • 12. Schedule a pre-appointment call with your tax preparer.

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