Mr. Racoon Locations

  • [Mr. Raccoon #1] Police Station 1F, West Office: On a shelf north side of the room, in the dark. When you turn the audio up you can hear a mechanical sound coming from the Raccoon Collectible when it’s nearby.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #2] Police Station 2F, S.T.A.R.S. Office: In the south-east corner of the office, between a box and PC Screen on the table. Very hard to see, listen for the sound coming from the Raccoon Collectible.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #3] Police Station B1, Firing Range: Stands in the firing range under a shooting target.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #4] [LEON EXCLUSIVE] Police Station 1F, Break Room: In the break room, behind the briefcase next to the twin beds.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #5] Police Station 2F: In Leon’s Campaign = after using the Square Crank to open the roll-up door next to Art Room // or // In Claire’s Campaign = immediately after exiting Chief’s Office with the heart key.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #6] Police Station 3F, Hallway west of Clock Tower: Go through the door in the west of the Clock Tower to reach a hidden corridor. At the dead end, in the window, is this Mr. Raccoon Collectible.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #7] [LEON EXCLUSIVE] Sewer Entrance: Immediately after killing the crocodile boss, it’s standing on the side of the sewer in the dark (before going up the ladder)

  • [Mr. Raccoon #8] [LEON EXCLUSIVE] Ada’s Sequence, Incinerator Room: While playing as Ada, in Incinerator Room, Left Side on the map (on the floor next to the big Incinerator Door).

  • [Mr. Raccoon #9] Sewers (Lower), Supplies Storage Room: After leaving Bottom Waterway in Sewers, in the hallway that connects to the Supplies Storage Room (before entering that room).

  • [Mr. Raccoon #10] Laboratory, Cafeteria: On a table next to the ladder (very dark room, listen for the sound it makes if you can’t see it).

  • [Mr. Raccoon #11] Laboratory B1, Nap Room: Same as above.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #12] [CLAIRE EXCLUSIVE] Police Station 3F, East Storage Room: On the southern end of the East Storage Room is a door with a red heart key lock. You get the red Heart Key from the Private Collection Room. Use it on this door, behind it on a shelf sits the Mr. Coon Collectible.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #13] [CLAIRE EXCLUSIVE] Behind R.P.D., Basketball Court: After using the keycard in the garage you’ll go through a basketball court with lots of dogs trying to attack you. Just after the basketball court is a bus (dogs trying to kill you here). The Mr. Raccoon Collectible is inside the bus by the front window.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #14] [CLAIRE EXCLUSIVE] Orphanage, Nursery: Just after the last Coon Collectible you come to the Orphanage with Claire, where the Sherry gameplay sequence took place earlier. You find this collectible in the Nursery on the 2nd floor in a shelf, straight in front of you after entering the room.

  • [Mr. Raccoon #15] - SCENARIO B Police Station 1F, Entrance (Starting Area): Hiding in the bushes, on the left side after going up the stairs at the very beginning of Scenario B. This is the final Mr. Raccoon Collectible and unlocks the “Complete Vermin Extermination” trophy / achievement for having found all of them.

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