Hospital Stay Patient Checklist

Hospital Stay Hospital Stay
  • Get to know your nurses and aides.

  • Make names a must in all hospital interactions.

  • Consider your hospital room your temporary home.

  • Make cleanliness in your room a priority.

  • Consider a visit from your pastor, priest, minister, imam, rabbi, shaman, guru, monk or any other type of spiritual counselor.

  • Create a master medication list.

  • Know your daily medication schedule.

  • Create a daily journal.

  • Wash your hands frequently.

  • Keep hydrated. Patients can easily forget to drink water.

  • Express thanks to your doctors, nurses and aides for their help.

  • Find a patient representative, case manager or social worker who can help you with questions and concerns.

  • Be considerate of your roommate.

  • Try to laugh every day! 

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