The Stress Free Moving Checklist

StreeFreeWorryFreeMovingChecklist2019 The Stress Free Moving Checklist
  • Make a moving folder or box with all your important documents and papers

  • Book and schedule movers and trucks at least a month in advance

  • Plan for parking the moving truck. In certain cities you need permits to park moving trucks

  • Begin decluttering your home early

  • Decide what furniture, decor, kitchenware, etc you are keeping and sell or donate that stuff early

  • Measure your furniture and compare it to your new home.

  • Begin packing early the things you know you won\'t need for the next few weeks

  • Don\'t forget to label boxes

  • Take photos of serial numbers of valuable items

  • Pack valuable items mindfully. You might want to bring some of those things over to your new place on your own

  • Figure out what to do with pets during the move

  • Reserve your elevator early if needed

  • Notify your utility companies

  • Secure important documents. Keep them all together

  • Gather medical records and find new doctors if needed

  • Update voter registration

  • Update your auto and homeowners insurance

  • Schedule your address change. (make sure it\'s with the actual USPS website)

  • Update cable and internet providers and schedule your cable internet service for move in date

  • Fill prescriptions and find a new pharmacy

  • Deep clean your current home and new home or schedule a cleaning company to come the day of move

  • Clean out the pantry. Don\'t grocery shop a week to two weeks out. Eat what you have so it will be less food to donate or move over

  • Take pictures of how televisions, computers, and gaming systems are set up

  • Keep loose hardware together and label as you take furniture apart

  • Update subscription services and cancel services you won\'t need anymore

  • Think about any deliveries that might still be routed to your current address

  • Leave a note for new home-owners of any things they might need to know about the home (example water filter model for refrigerator)

  • Check all nooks and crannies more than once

  • Check the weather day of move

  • Pack a separate bag of essentials in case anything happens to move or moving truck

  • Finalize all moving details

  • Get out cash to tip movers

  • Round up all keys to hand off to the Realtor or landlord

  • Update credit and debit cards with new address as well as any auto subscriptions

  • Good Luck!

This checklist was created by richincollege

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