Patching a Ceiling Hole from a Leak

  • Clean and prep hole. Cut out a perfect square around the hole using a drywall hand saw.

  • Scape falling or hanging debris until flat using a metal paint scraper and razor blade.

  • Spray Kilz primer and adhesive to cleaned area surrounding hole

  • Let dry

  • Cut drywall to match hole in ceiling

  • Add wood anchor boards inside, across and on top of hole, if needed. If there\'s an exposed stud, use that.

  • Drill drywall to wood anchors or stud.

  • Mix EZ Sand or drywall plaster repair and smooth until surface is flat

  • Let dry. Make sure it\'s 100% dry. (a few hours to one day)

  • Apply one more coat of EZ sand or drywall plaster repair until surface is smooth

  • Let dry

  • Sand lightly

  • Paint as needed.

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