Airhost Onboarding Day 1

  • Create Gsuite email account, Basecamp account, PMS Admin account, and Zendesk Agent (Beforehand) For Zendesk, include account into \'Airhost Dev Team\'

  • Company Structure - Sales

  • Company Structure - Support

  • Company Structure - Programmers

  • Code of Conduct

  • Company Benefits

  • Office tour - pantry, toilet, printer, meeting rooms, recreational area

  • Setup Ucommune access

  • Setup Printer

  • Download Timbre+ App and Set up account (top up during off peak hours)

  • Process loan of Office Equipment

  • Group Introduction/Interaction with current Dev Team

  • Install VMware, Chrome, Skitch, Malwarebytes, VS Code, Postman, Mailhog

  • Setup airhost_ror

  • Setup airhost_web

  • Setup Basecamp email alerts

  • Setup Zendesk email alerts

  • Introduction to Sentry and set up login

  • Introduction to Kibana and setup login

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