Working From Home

  • Advised or been instructed #WFH to by your manager/workplace (make sure people know where you are)?

  • Internet access (stop here and go find some)?

  • Remote access enabled and tested (if you can\'t access things...)?

  • Required applications installed or available (no tools == no work)?

  • Video conferencing tools tested (don\'t be that fool that has tech-issues connecting! Test your microphone, camera & software)?

  • Suitable space to work from (separate office ideal, kitchen table ok, couch/sofa bad)?

  • Regular calls scheduled with colleagues (don\'t isolate yourself, engage with team mates)?

  • Dressed to work (no need for that suit, but put some pants on please!)?

  • Washing & dishes done, kids at school or setup with activities (get this stuff sorted before you sit down)?

  • Coffee, tea, and/or water available (keep hydrated)?

  • Music (find a good motivation playlist to put on in the background!)?

  • Get in the zone (make sure you have the right headspace to work, don\'t worry if it takes time to settle in, just keep trying).

  • Remember to take a break (you are not 100% productive in the office, don\'t expect to be at home; pick up the kids, hang out the washing, have lunch, take a walk, etc...).

  • Relax (WFH takes time to adapt to, if you give it time and don\'t beat yourself up you can find it rewarding and more productive than the office).

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