25 Easy Ways To Improve Your Budget And Save More

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  • Write down your financial goals

  • Put saving an emergency fund as a high priority

  • Track what you spend on and how much you spend

  • Make Staycation as one of your options when making vacation plan

  • Skip the drinks, and instead, ask for water in a restaurant

  • Bring your own lunch to work

  • Use a shopping list for grocery shopping

  • Make your own coffee

  • Check your local library before ordering a book

  • Use cloth napkins rather than paper napkins

  • Never waste food

  • Make your own gifts and greeting cards instead of buying those from stores

  • Sell your unwanted stuff on Craigslist, Ebay or in a yard sale

  • Unplug electronics when they are not in use

  • Purchase store brand products

  • Shop with coupons and/or when products are on sale

  • Compare insurance options and shop for better deals

  • Hang your clothes dry instead Of using the dryer

  • Cancel gym memberships if not frequently used

  • Take public transportation or bike instead Of driving

  • Buy in bulk (and then split with friends and share costs if possible)

  • Check free or low cost local events (e.g., free museum admission, free concerts)

  • Use cash-back programs, such as Ebates and Upromise

  • Combine multiple errands into one trip

  • Take shorter showers—try 5-minute shower to save money and water

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