29 ways to SAVE MONEY when on a serious BUDGET

Budget Save money
  • Find out what is motivating you to save money

  • Set a time frame to reach your goal

  • Cut out monthly recurring charges

  • Find ways to save on necessary bills

  • Use tools & apps to help you save

  • Learn how to say "no" to expensive invites out

  • Get used to working out at home

  • Find an accountability partner

  • Reprogram your money mindset

  • Join Facebook support groups

  • Don\'t get new upgraded things like electronics and cars and throw out perfectly fine, used things

  • Cut out your coffee expenses

  • Get daily bank account alerts

  • Cut off your cable & use your friends netflix

  • Rent your place out with airbnb

  • Plan and prep your meals

  • Stop falling for "buy now, on sale!" traps

  • Shop for off brand clothes

  • Use the library for free books, work space and printing

  • Cut your own hair

  • Pick up a side hustle

  • Rotate dinner nights with friends

  • Find the cheap gas stations near your house, and only go there to fill your tank

  • Purchase a affordable gift that costs less than what you\'d spend on a gift card, check or cash

  • Set up a budget and follow it

  • Get "free" water or carry around your own water bottle rather than purchasing drinks

  • DIY your furniture

  • Replace expensive activities with free ones

  • Reward yourself after reaching saving goals!

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