On Page SEO Checklist

SEO Effective SEO
  • Write 2000+ word original content

  • Check for grammar using Grammarly (free)

  • Include LSI keywords

  • place primary keyword in H1-H2 tags

  • Drop primary keyword in the first 100 words

  • Use keyword Variations for image aIt tags

  • Rename images with meaningful names

  • Add alt tags & captions (where fits)

  • Compress them using Kraken.io

  • Boots dwell time with multimedia

  • Write engaging content to keep readers on site

  • Keep URLs short (use keyword in URL)

  • Internal link articles so old content gets seen

  • Give outbound links to authority site references

  • Make your site branded conversion optimized

  • Get elegant themes 87 themes for less than $1

  • Boost site loading time

  • Use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache

  • Use better faster hosting like Bluehost

  • Write 2000+ words original content

  • Keep headline within 70 characters

  • Use Yoast to set meta description.

  • Place social sharing buttons like social warfare

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