Document Organizing Checklist

Documents Declutter and organize your documents
  • Research and buy a fire-proof filing box.

  • Supplies - have a scanner, filing folders, labels and pen ready. The app Genius Scan is great if you don\'t have a scanner.

  • Organize your documents in categories.

  • Here are some of them: Legal, Money, Taxes, Insurance, Medical, Home, Auto, Business. See more categories back on the post.

  • Scan your important documents and save on the cloud and on a pen drive.

  • Create the files for the categories you need.

  • Place your important documents in their respective files.

  • Label each file accordingly.

  • Make a list of the contents of each file, print it and store it inside your box. Keep a copy of this list in the buck-up pen drive.

  • Select a location to keep your fire-proof box. Keep it where it\'s easy to access in case of an emergency.

copy saved

copies saved