Checklist Based Testing

to-do Software testing
  • Reasons for Defects

  • Due to variation in data.

  • Difference in sequence of standardised procedures or workflow.

  • Advantages of using checklist based testing

  • Takes out most of the flaws, which ensures excellent coverage.

  • Cuts down costs and helps meet deadlines.

  • Helps in better integration of new testing personnel into the organization.

  • Difficulties encountered during checklist based testing:

  • The difference in checklist interpretation leads to different approaches being used to accomplish the mentioned tasks.

  • Regular improvements in testing processes require the checklist to be upgraded over time to ensure thorough testing.

  • Complex or advanced level tests can affect the reproducibility of the results.

  • The utility of the checklist is questionable for holistic testing over the entirety of SDLC.

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