Beginner's Guide To Basic SEO

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  • Back-End Cleanpup

  • First things first! Make sure to do a diagnosis of your site. Check your titles. meta tag meta description, and h1 tag.

  • Content is King

  • You MUST have keyword-rich, authoritative content on all of your pages. Don\'t fluff and stuff with spam. Make sure the Google spider can clearly identify what your site is about

  • Hook up Google Analytics

  • This allows you to track how Often a visitor visits your site.

  • How long they stay on each page, which pages, they like, which pages they bounce off of.

  • Backlinks

  • Getting reputable, relevant, and well-respected websites (by Google\'s standards) to link back to your site will DRAMATICALLY improve your Google ranking

  • Citations

  • A citation is a place online where someone can find a business\'s information, This includes Sites like CitySearch, CitySquare, AdLocal, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

  • Maintenance

  • Understand that results won\'t come overnight and the Google Algorithm is ever-changing. You are going to need to give your site some TLC on a regular basis.

  • Google Map Listing

  • If you\'re operating a business with a physical location. you NEED to have this done. Getting listed in the map section is crucial since much of the search traffic discontinues after the #3 listing in Google Maps.

  • Positive Reviews

  • Have your Google Map listing up? Make sure you\'re getting reviews! Tons! Make sure you\'re always getting reviews from satisfied clients.

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