How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

SEO Keyword research
  • Set up a spreadsheet template

  • Enter the page\'s topic into the spreadsheet

  • Google your first keywords

  • Substitute in syonyms

  • Get keywords from the Wikipedia article

  • Use UberSuggest to generate variations

  • Search in Quora

  • Search BoardReader

  • Reverse lookup with Google Keyword Planner

  • Reverse lookup with Ahrefs Site Explorer

  • Use Keyword Shitter to create long tail keywords

  • Use Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to generate large list of keywords

  • Remove duplicate keywords

  • Copy the remaining keywords into Google Keyword Planner

  • Remove the keywords that don\'t make sense

  • Filter by search volume

  • Remove irrelevant keywords

  • Remove high competition keywords (Ahrefs Keyword Difficulty score)

  • Remove low volume keywords (if there are better options)

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