Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Optimization Conversion optimization
  • Define Business Goals

  • Define micro and macro conversions Of your business.

  • Determine your business objectives.

  • Gather Users Data

  • Track user metrics & segment users to understand behaviour.

  • Know your customers through surveys, interviews, etc.

  • Insight Phase

  • Segment data based on its relevance to the goals.

  • Analyze all the data to identify problems.

  • Make decisions based on its ability to increase revenue.

  • List Hypothesis

  • Define what changes need to be tested considering

  • Objectives and goals

  • Who are we testing?

  • Where are we testing?

  • Design Hypothesis

  • Develop wireframe

  • Determine technical doability

  • Test Hypothesis

  • Implement test hypothesis

  • Run proper A/B test

  • Review Hypothesis

  • Was statistical significance reached?

  • Scale results if hypothesis Was correct

  • Learn if hypothesis wasn\'t correct

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