Best Practices That Send Your Lead Generation Efforts Into Hyperdrive!

Hyperdrive Lead Generation
  • Place your calls-to-action (CTAS) above the told

  • Be specific and state your offer clearly

  • lmages stand out more than text according to heat map studies

  • Call-to-action button colors should contrast with the rest of the site color scheme

  • Hyperlink your CTA to the target landing page

  • Place CTAs on the most relevant pages

  • Include CTAs in every blog post

  • Connect the CTA headline to the corresponding landing page headline

  • Plainly state what the Visitor will get if they click on the CTA

  • Position the lead capturing form above the fold

  • Keep the form as simple as possible

  • Use images to show what you are offering

  • Keep the landing page text Short, sweet, and scan-able

  • Use bullets to emphasize the benefits of your offer

  • Get rid of the navigation elements and extraneous links

  • Include a Thank You page to keep the lead engaged

  • Restore the navigation menu on your Thank You page

  • Make a Compelling and valuable offer

  • Customize your offer according to each Phase of the buying cycle

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