Landing Page Checklist

SEO Landing pages
  • Communicate Your Value Proposition

  • Your offer should be compelling, persuasive, and most importantly — clear. Don\'t confuse people with multiple Offers!

  • Create Your Form

  • Keep in mind that it should be short and concise (4-5 form fields max). You may also want to set up an autoresponder that will deploy once the form is submitted.

  • Clean up the Clutter

  • Landing pages should be minimalistic. non-distracting, and easy to navigate. Keep paragraphs short and use bulleted text whenever possible.

  • Add a Non-Gated Piece of Content

  • In addition to your gated content, you should have a free item like a video or infographic on your landing page to drive engagement.

  • Craft Calls to Action

  • CTAs should be clear and to-the-point. Ensure that they are benefit-focused rather than overly demanding ("Get Your Free White paper" vs. “Download Now”).

  • Leverage Images and Video

  • Your users will be overwhelmed by landing pages that are too text-heavy, so make sure you add in a few images or a video to hold their attention.

  • Limit Scrolling

  • Scanning is common in today\' world, so you want your information and Offer to be as easy to find as possible. If possible, keep your offer and CTAs above the fold.

  • Add Testimonials

  • This will lend your landing page additional credibility while lessening the hesitation that many users feel when handing over their personal information.

  • Use Your Thank You Page

  • Use your thank-you page as an opportunity to upsell Or cross-sell other products, services, or content. This is a great chance to drive users deeper into your site.

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