Test Environment Checklist

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  • 1. Hardware Requirements

  • The required hardware is available with the organization?

  • If not, then procure them.

  • Calculate the time & cost in their procurement.

  • Hardware installation.

  • Test the hardware.

  • Assess the need for peripheral devices.

  • 2. Software Requirements

  • Required Software is available with the organization?

  • If not, then purchase them.

  • Calculate the time and in their procurement.

  • Install them.

  • Test them.

  • If the already existing software is compatible with the testing environment.

  • 3. Data Items

  • If the standard test data is available or not?

  • Does the data for the test needs to be imported from the production site or needs to be created.

  • If the data is required in the initial phase or may be introduced at a later stage.

  • 4. Tools

  • A test management tool, its need, and its scope in the test environment.

  • Defect Reporting Tools.

  • Debugging Tools.

  • Other necessary Testing Tools.

  • 5. Process

  • Defining Standards.

  • If the developed plans and strategies are compatible with its execution in the test environment.

  • Identifying and creating the required libraries.

  • Scheduling the test process, so that all the testers can perform.

  • 6. Miscellaneous

  • Is it possible to carry out isolated testing by each tester in a similar test environment?

  • Feasibility study of bringing the changes in the test environment.

  • Creating backups and recovery system.

  • Creating the list of all the members participating in the test environment, along with their contacts.

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