Checklist: Scope Statement

Product Scop
  • Project instigation and initial situation

  • Definition of project goals: must-meet criteria, should- meet criteria, and non-goals

  • Exact task definition (client\'s requirements)

  • Definition Of target audience, usage environment, service life etc.

  • Introduction Of contracting parties (stakeholders), including all the important persons by name in charge

  • Definition Of frameworks (for example, specific organizational methods and standards, costs, time frame)

  • Differentiation of product or solution from existing systems: what should the product/service not entail (because other products/services already do)?

  • Description of intersections

  • Required functionalities

  • Performance (requirements Of respective functions)

  • Quality requirements: which quality features on which quality level do you need to aim for?

  • Evaluation of the project contract\'s feasibility

  • Desired situation, behavior in case of malfunctions: which problematic events can occur, and how can you prevent them?

  • Project schedule with most important milestones and project plan

  • Organizational processes

  • Documentation

  • Manner Of Status updates (software, meetings, calls etc.)

  • Trial run

  • Approval

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