How To Choose Business Intelligence Software

Intelligence Software
  • Replace manual reporting methods

  • Better overview of my data

  • Provide better visibility of data to colleagues

  • Connect and correlate my data from multiple sources

  • Reduce the burden of data collection on the IT department

  • Key considerations

  • Cloud-based

  • Is it available in the cloud or only on-premise?

  • Mobile platforms

  • Is it available on mobile? Does it have an app for iOS and Android?

  • Integrations

  • Does it integrate With the software already using? Can it pull the right data?

  • Scalable

  • Can it grow with my company? IS it too robust for my needs?

  • Cost

  • What kind of subscription plan does it offer? Monthly/yearly/per user?

  • Essential features

  • API

  • Collaboration

  • Data visualization

  • Dashboards

  • Mobile integration

  • Multiple data sources

  • Real-time data

  • Reporting features

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