Tips To Create an Interesting "About Page" for your blog

Blog “About” page
  • l. Tell what it is all about

  • What is your blog about? what\'s your purpose? How it can help its readers?

  • 2. Tell them about yourself

  • Or the people behind your blog. Who are you? why should they trust you?

  • 3. Show yourself

  • Add your picture in! or make a short video. Readers are more likely to trust someone they can see.

  • 4. Share your story

  • You want your readers to relate with you. Share how you started your blog.

  • 5. Share your favorite or most popular posts

  • Show off those posts you find most useful or most entertaining.

  • 6. Add contact details

  • Or add a link to your contact form and plug in your social media accounts.

  • 7. Include a call-to-action

  • E.g. ask them to subscribe, or follow you on social media networks.

  • 8. Add extra fun stuff

  • Spice it up with fun facts about you / favorite tools/photos of your workplace/ testimonials/ awards/ places you\'ve been featured on/ favorite quotes

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