Tips And Checklists From The Pragmatic Programmer

Pragmatic Programmer tips
  • Care About Your Craft

  • Think! About Your Work

  • Provide Options, Don\'t Make Lame Excuses

  • Don \'t Live with Broken Windows

  • Be a Catalyst for Change

  • Remember the Big Picture

  • Make Quality a Requirements Issue

  • Invest Regularly in Your Knowledge Portfolio

  • Critically Analyze What You Read and Hear

  • It\'s Both What You Say and the Way You Say It

  • DRY—Don \'t Repeat Yourself

  • Make It Easy to Reuse

  • Eleminate Effects Between Unrelated Things

  • Use Tracer Bullets to Find the Target

  • Prototype to Learn

  • Program Close to the Problem Domain

  • Configure, Don\'t Integrate

  • Put Abstractions in code, details in metadata

  • Always Design for Concurrency

  • Don\'t Program by Coincidence

  • Estimate the Order of Your Algorithm

  • Fix the Problem, Not the Blame

  • Don\'t Assume It—Prove It

  • Write Code That Writes Code

  • Use Assertions to Prevent the Impossible

  • Minimize Coupling Between Modules

  • Design to Test

  • Don\'t Be a Slave to Formal Methods.

  • Test Early. Test Often. Test Automatically

  • Sign Your Work

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