Digital Marketing Trends That will Rule in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends Digital Marketing Trends
  • Content Marketing will be backbone of communications:

  • After BERT, Google is focusing more on providing human-like answers for a search query.

  • Catalog Ads will dominate the Ecommerce:

  • An e-shop\'s best marketing way, coz showcasing your products is the best way to grab the eyeballs.

  • LinkedIn Inmail for B2B:

  • Inmails will help you connect to the C level employees for your target industry.

  • Graphical posts in social media:

  • A social media post with an image gets more attention instead of plain written content.

  • Infographic > Blog:

  • Blogging is a great method to share information but infographics will dominate the market.

  • B2C Marketing:

  • Creating engaging content can help you to break the ceiling for your social media targets.

  • Human Interaction:

  • In this world of AI, people are looking for some human touch; Hence make your content humanly.

  • Personal Branding for B2B:

  • B2B runs on personal interaction, so your personal profile can help you generate more ideas than your company profile.

  • PODCAST Marketing:

  • Accourding to 9 years of analytics, advertisers are expected to spend $500 million on podcast ads 2020 - a trend that comes on the heels of significant past growth in the sector.

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