Website Marketing Plan for More Conversions

Website Marketing Website Marketing
  • Your Target Audience

  • Understand who your target audience is in order to market your business website to them appropriately

  • Needs of Users

  • Understand the needs and pain points of your users or visitors; how are you helping solve a problem they face?

  • Social Media

  • Shortlist social media channels that your target audience is likely to be found on; market your website on these channels

  • Optimized Website

  • Your website should be fully optimized for search engines; a well optimized website improves your ranking

  • Content Marketing

  • Explore keyword based content marketing and promotion on relevant online publishing websites to maximize traffic

  • Email Marketing

  • Initiate email marketing campaigns with the existing database of users; free giveaways like eBooks and PDFs will attract users

  • Website Analysis

  • Carry out a thorough website analysis of your business website to see how you can improve your website and its performance

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