30 Day Instagram Challenge for Thought Leaders

Instagram Challenge Instagram Challenge
  • 1. Share who your ideal client is and how you can help them

  • 2. Share your story, your "why" or transformation

  • 3. Share a client win, testimonial, or transformation

  • 4. Share your credentials or other form of social proof

  • 5. Share what makes you unique/ the best in your industry

  • 6. Share your amazing lead magnet or opt-in freebie

  • 7. Share a shocking industry-related chart or statistic

  • 8. Share your ideal client\'s #1 problem and a quick tip they can implement

  • 9. Share your signature service, product , or offer

  • 10. Share who is not a good fit for your offer

  • 11. Share a mindset shift to help your ideal client

  • 12. Share your unique take on a current event or trend

  • 13. Share the #1 mistake your ideal client is making

  • 14. Share the #1 FAQ You receive and your answer

  • 15. Address the #1 sales objection of your ideal client

  • 16. Share a list of books, tools, or resources to help your ideal client

  • 17. Share a list of habits or daily tasks to help your ideal client

  • 18. Share a list of things your ideal client should start doing

  • 19. Share a list of things your ideal client should stop doing

  • 20. Share a powerful quote your ideal client can relate to

  • 21. Share a helpful how-to-guide or step by step process

  • 22. Share your idea of success or your goals for your ideal client

  • 23. Share an encouraging message for your ideal client

  • 24. Share a limiting belief and how to reframe it

  • 25. Share your framework, blueprint, roadmap, or formula

  • 26. Paint a picture of what\'s possible for your ideal client

  • 27. Ask your ideal client a powerful question or to fill in the blanks

  • 28. Call out the #1 excuse holding your ideal client back

  • 29. Share a new way to look at or treat an obstacle or challenge

  • 30. Share a relevant reminder + action steps for today

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