30 Day Confidence Challenge

self-confidence self-confidence
  • Day 1: Write 10 positive affirmations on sticky notes and stick them all over the house.

  • Day 2: Make a list of things you like about yourself and add to it daily.

  • Day 3: Introduce yourself to 3 people you don\'t know.

  • Day 4: Make an effort to dress for success from now on.

  • Day 5: Take a selfie it and post it on social media.

  • Day 6: Think about your posture - make sure to stand tall at all times.

  • Day 7: Dance to your favorite song.

  • Day 8: Attend any kind of class and socialize with the other attendees.

  • Day 9: Smile at everyone today.

  • Day 10: Plan your reward for this challenge.

  • Day 11: Declutter your room/office.

  • Day 12: List all of your accomplishments and keep adding to it in the future.

  • Day 13: Say yes to something you normally wouldn\'t.

  • Day 14: Tell someone you appreciate them.

  • Day 15: Meditate

  • Day 16: Go for a run or walk.

  • Day 17: Write down 10 things you\'re grateful for.

  • Day 18: Buy yourself flowers.

  • Day 19: Turn off your phone and spend time truly enjoying your own company.

  • Day 20: Take a bubble bath + read a good book.

  • Day 21: Make tour favorite food and eat it.

  • Day 22: Think about a fear you would like to overcome and an idea on how to overcome it.

  • Day 23: Write down your top 3 physical features and why.

  • Day 24: Get outside today.

  • Day 25: What is something you loved to do as a child? Do it.

  • Day 26: Do the wonder woman stance for 2 minutes.

  • Day 27: What is a healthy habit you would like to have? Start implementing it.

  • Day 28: Watch your favorite movie.

  • Day 29: Ask a loved one to write down the reason why they love you. Read it daily.

  • Day 30: Write down what you have learned from this challenge.

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